If you do not see the information or answers you are looking for on our website we would be pleased to answer any questions you might have about The Newport Police Department. Just give us a call or click on the officer's name to send an email.

 JEFF CLARK Chief of Police 252-223-5410
 KEITH LEWIS Captain 252-223-5410 ext 23
 BILLY POLLOCK Sergeant 252-223-5410 ext 29
 JAMES ALEXANDER Sergeant  252-223-5410 ext 36 
MICHAEL ALBERTI Detective  252-223-5410 ext 31
  Patrol Officer II 252-223-5410 ext 27
JUSTIN FERRELL Patrol Officer II 252-223-5410 ext 28
  Patrol Officer I 252-223-5410 ext 37
EVERETT CLARK Patrol Officer II 252-223-5410
AARON PAYNE Patrol Officer I 252-223-5410

Directions to the Newport Police Department can be found at Map & Directions.